miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007

Welcome to Luis's Blog

Here you can take a look at some activities done since January until April in the present year.
These activities were done from level 2 and its contains next items :

-Puramid food
-Talent and sport
-At the doctor
-Where's URBE?
-Last weekend

UNIT # 9 Brocoli is good for you. Draw yout food pyramid and write a composition about food


I eat a lot of diferents foods and here I can show you a pyramid food with my favorite food. Altough I love chocolate I don't eat it everyday. Some days I eat fish and meat. I also like so much cheese and milk. And at dinner time, most of the days I eat bread with cheese. So, as you can see, I don't like brocoli so much,
what do you like?

UNIT # 10 Talents and sports

My name is Luis Romero. I like all sports. I preffer to play baseball, basketball and softball. I see a lot of sports by tv, most of them because I don't practice them. My favorite sport is basketball. Although I don't have much time to practice it, because of my studies at college. But when I practice I do it to have fun and spend some time with my friends.
I think that sports are good for your mind and body. What kind of sport do you do?

UNIT # 11 Festivities

These are my favorite days of the year, because these are days where I can spend time with my family and friends, and I can also take some break out of classes.

UNIT # 12 At the doctor

Hi luis, how are you today?

-Doctor I feel so bad, I think I'm sick because I couldn't sleep at night and I have a strong headache.

-Well, Let me check you. Yes, you are sick. You must take an aspirine, it will let you feel better.

-ok, how much does it cost?

-I don't know. These are cheaper. Relax, go and buy them.

-Thanks doctor bye bye.

UNIT # 13 Where's URBE?

The college that I assist to, it's named "Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín", and its located between Av.Goajira and Circunvalación 2. It's really close to DeCandido, Delicias Norte. And next to Plaza de Toro. In front of URBE there is La Trinidad, where there are beautiful houses, where most of the resident students stay. Urbe is also near to the "Colegio de Abogados".

UNIT # 14 Last weekend

On monday

I went to the University. I saw some classes, those were Civil and sports. After that I went to my house and I slept like always.

On thuesday

I went to the University, I talked with some friends and I had a delicious breakfast.

On wednesday

I went to the mall to got a cellphone.

On thursday

I din't go to the University I went to my aunt's house.

On friday

I went to sambil with girlfriend, we ate icecream and we saw a movie called norbit.

On Saturday (My favorite day)

I went to my best friend's house, we had some beers and laugh a lot, remembering old times.

On Sunday

I slept all day and I saw diferents movies with my sister.

UNIT # 15 Biographies

I was born in Maracaibo at the Falcon Clinic's. The date was 07-14-1988. I had a lot of toys while I was a little boy. I learned how to drive a car when I was just 12 years old. I finished my highschool on 2005. Finally I am at the university now and I'm proud of it. I also have to admitt that I Admire Sonny.

Akio Morita was born on January 26th, 1921, in the city of Nagoya, in a family of sake brewers. The Morita family has been brewing sake for nearly 400 years in the city of Tokoname, near Nagoya. Under the strict eyes of his father, Kyuzaemon, Akio was groomed to become the head in the family business. As a student, Akio often sat in on company meetings with his father and he would help with the family business even on school holidays.

UNIT # 16 Telephones

-Hi my name is Luis Romero
What's your name?

-My name is Mare.

-Nice to meet you Mare.
Can you tell me, where do you study Mare? So I can study with you too.

-I study at Urbe's library, do you know where it is?

-No, I don't. Can you give me your cellphone number to call you?

-Yes, Sure. My cellphone number is 555-0852-0837

-Ok thanks Mare.

-Bye bye luis

To finish this, I can conclude by saying that this last semester was very fun for me. I also learned a lot of things, whether it was in English or in Law classes. Every time I pass another semester, I realize how much I like my carrer. I hope in a few years, I can read this and realize I say that my goal was achieved. Hope you enjoyed this, my life, my times, and days, and that you got a close idea, of the real me.

Luis Romero